Questions and answers regarding website development

Why do I need a website when my business is doing well?

Website creates a good impression about your company and it generates confidence in your future customers. People prefer do business with companies having online presence. It is not only generating more business or acquiring more clients, websites help in showing all your products and services. It acts like having your product catalogue accessible to people who will be interested or searching for your products and services 24 hours.

You can provide support by having frequently asked questions and answers about your products or services. You can provide manuals and procedures to use your products. You display your business hours and holidays when you are closed. This will save your customers’ time. You can have Google map which will help your clients to reach you. By having the contact numbers and email addresses your clients can reach you easily.

You can advertise any schemes and offers you plan to have anytime. So having a website is more important for your business.

How much does a website cost?

A website can cost from $100 to thousands of dollars depending on various factors. The minimum requirement is you need a domain name, web hosting and a SSL certificate. Then comes the development cost if you are hiring a web developer. Web developers charge you on number of pages your website will contain. Cost depends on the functions you need. If it is an E-Commerce website the cost goes up.

We have some economical and attractive packages as per your budget.

If you want your website to rank better on search engines then you need to hire a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist and the cost goes up. The web developer who develops your website can optimize your website for faster loading and he can also develop to have the required SEO criteria.

What are the basic features a website should have?

A website should have good and attractive looks. The fonts and colors and theme used should be eye-catching. The second most important thing a website should have is responsive design. The website should look good in all devices like computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Also any device will have different screen resolutions and the website should be displayed properly on all screen resolutions. The third most important thing is the loading speed. Websites should load faster and if they load slower the visitors may or wait and leave the website. Also search engine ranking will be affected if a website is slow. The fourth thing is the content. If a website has high quality and useful content then it will generate more interest and the traffic will increase and also the website will rank better on search engines.

Can I develop my own website?

Yes you can develop your own website even if you don’t know how to coding knowledge. You can use platforms like WordPress, Wix and Squarespace.

In WordPress free themes are available and you need to just add content. You will restricted to the layout design of the selected theme. If you need more features and if your website should look professional then you should hire a web developer.

What is domain name?

Domain name or url is the name you type in the address bar of any browser to access the website. The website you are broswing now is this the domain name or url of this website. Every website has a domain name.

What is a subdomain and why it is used?

Subdomain is like your main domain where you can create or launch an independent website. You can create as many subdomain as the service provider allows or depends on your package. If say www.digitalnests is main domain then we can have is a subdomain where you can have a separate website for your branch in Bangalore. Search engine treats subdomain as separate websites and it does not affect your SEO rating of your main domain but some disagree with this. By creating as many subdomain as you want you save money by not buying separate domain names for each website.

What is hosting?

Your website has to be launched on some space in the internet. This space is on the server of your service provider. The server can be in any country. This is called hosting your website.

What is website migration?

Transferring your website from one server to another is called website migration.

Can I buy domain from one company and hosting from another company?

Yes you can buy domain from one service provider and the hosting from another and the nameservers have to be pointed to the hosting server.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of developing websites on WordPress?

The major advantage of WordPress is you can develop websites without having any knowledge about coding. Thousands of themes available free and themes that you can purchase as per your requirement. Different plugins are available for different functions and purposes.

The disadvantage of using WordPress is the site may get slow because of the many plugin installed and there could be compatible issues and the site may crash when there are updates for themes, WordPress and Plugins. If there are issues then you need a technical person to solve and maintain the site.

Search Engine Optimization: How to bring your website on first page of any search engine?

The main purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to rank the website at a better position in search engines so that people can find the website easily.

Some people who do SEO claim that they will bring your website to first page in search engines. I don’t agree with them. There are so many things to rank the website at a better position.

If you have less competitors in your field and you are doing SEO for local market then it is very easy to show your website on first page.

There are some things are must for SEO.

  • Firstly the website should be responsive.
  • Second the website loading speed should be high.
  • Third the website should be built in a proper structure using h1, h2, h3.. tags properly at proper hierarchy.
  • Fourth it should have easy navigation with links to all pages in the website.
  • Fifth The page names should contain relevant search keywords
  • Sixth the content should be relevant and should have non repetitive keywords
  • Seventh it should have lot of high quality backlinks
  • Eight it should have more traffic which has to be generated through blogs and social media postings, Ads etc.

Besides all the essential things to be done, you need to have huge traffic to your website and should have less competitors to get your website on first page of any search engine.